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· Thank you so much! It has been such a relief to so many people and their pets. Folks are so happy when their dog comes out in a Onesie by Tui. We do the fitting here at the hospital and have not run into any dogs that couldn't be fitted. Thanks again! Brilliant!! Dr. L. Osborne DVM · I just wanted to let you know my little Sophie had her surgery and is doing very well with her Onesie by Tui. It's just FANTASTIC!!!!! She is so comfortable and it is very easy to unsnap for her to go potty. The Onesie by Tui has kept her from itching and licking it's doing a Great job!! Thank you so very much for your Wonderful product!! I'm so thankful she didn't have to use the e-collar!! AVery Big Hug from Sophie and her Mom, Cora, Wash. · We love the Onesie by Tui's here at our hospital and our clients are crazy about them! We have found many uses for the Onesie by Tui!! Thank you again so much!! Pet Vet on Patton, N.C. · What a wonderful, unique garment! Gracie wore her Onesie by Tui from the moment we picked her up after T.P.L.O. surgery, until after her sutures were removed 10 days later. It worked miracles! She did not attempt to lick or chew her incision,and it really seemed to be a huge comfort to her, which was an extra bonus! The Onesie quality is exceptional, and the design is very well thought out. I wouldn't change a thing-except to have ordered two! Thank you so much for your marvelous product,and excellent customer service.  Terri D, VA. Beach,VA · I used your fabulous Onesie for about a week to protect a surgical site on one of my rescue Italian Greyhounds and it worked PERFECTLY! The little guy was so much more comfortable wearing the Onesie garment as opposed to wearing any sort of e-collar. I've tried all of the varieties of e-collars on my dogs and not one of them has been accepted easily by the dogs. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful alternative to the old-fashioned e-collars! Barb C., Chicago, IL.  · You are so wonderful Stephanie.....thank you very very much for your kindness. I will definitely spread the word around that you are the best! Please hold Twylah in your prayers as she goes in on Friday to have the ruptured tumor removed. Twylah thanks you too....  Blessings, Cindy  · I absolutely LOVE your product! It works beautifully and is definitely the best solution to the e-collar. I also want to let you know how much you impressed me with - not only your professionalism, but how much you care about your customers' needs. It is rare to find a company that would go to the lengths that you did to make me, the customer, happy! I wish you great success with your business! You deserve it! Marilyn S., Salem, New Hampshire  · The small is perfect fits him to a tee. Yahoo!! So much better than a e- collar. Will send a picture next day off.Thank you so much you are fantastic! .jeanette and my beloved Ishi  · I actually bought this Onesie for a pitbull puppy named Doobie. I have been petsitting for a friend while he tries to get his home puppy proofed. I took little Doobie recently to get fixed and had brought him home in a horrible e-collar! This thing was both uncomfortable to Doobie and to the rest of the humans that occupy my home. I put the Onesie on Doobie and he was so happy!! He also has a rash from the grass outside and had been biting himself prior to surgery so his Onesie helped with two different needs. I love it and so does little Doobie. Thank you for the super fast shipment! Adrian, N., Calf.  · I Received the Onesie yesterday. It works great! I will send you pictures of Clyde. Thanks again so much!!!! I'm so glad I found your website! Betsy  · The Onesies arrived this morning! Wow, what speed! They are beautifully made and fit perfectly. There is nothing that pulls or is too tight anywhere, and I'm SO impressed. The Onesies will also fit Ambey when he is neutered which is great so no cone of shame for either of them. I really can't thank you enough- for the Onesie themselves and also your kindness and patience throughout. Gerry, U.K.
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